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Synonymous with Point-of-Care Information Management:

  • ONE Partner;

  • ONE Data Manager;

  • ONE Program to Learn;

  • ONE System for All Devices;

  • ONE Source for Operator Management;

  • ONE Reporting Source and Format;

  • ONE Call for Support

As illustrated in the three diagrams (right) RALS®-Plus is the leader in direct-to-device connectivity, which eliminates device-specific data managers and simplifies interfacing. In DMS #1, vendor-specific data managers are required for each connected device to manage, configure and communicate. In DMS #2, device ‘adapters’ are required to connect to an interface manager before communicating to the system.


Common Look and Feel Across All POC Tests Simplifies Training If your facility employs multiple data management programs, your staff might be spending more time learning about software than about the needs of their patients. As a vendor-independent solution, RALS-Plus manages the data from multiple vendor devices using the same menus, tables and databases. Simply put, once you are trained on managing results from one device, you’re pretty much trained on all of them.


Used by more Hospitals than any other Data Manager Today, more than 1,600 hospitals throughout the country manage their programs with  RALS-Plus at sites ranging from the largest IHN’s to the smallest clinics, as well as a vast majority of VA hospitals.


Interfaced to Wide Range of POC Device Leaders Click here for our device interface list.

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